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Virtual Photography at Western University

An photographer's worst nightmare came true in March 2020.

The start of the pandemic meant that many creatives at Western University were unable to bring creative visions like fashion shows and photoshoots to fruition. It set many artists up for an unprecedented challenge – with an art that relied heavily on in-person gatherings, how would we continue our passion in this new virtual world?

Nevertheless, creatives still found a way to work around these difficult challenges. Together, stylists, models, and setting crew members were able to bring the creative vision to life by executing creative direction through Zoom meetings and FaceTime videos. 

The following photos were shot for the Fashion and Lifestyle Society, followed by the CAISA Fashion Show at Western University in London, Ontario. A big thank you goes out to the stylists, setting crew, and models for helping us bring this vision to life.

Fashion and Lifestyle Society (F&LS) Thrift Store

Creative Direction by Christine Chu and Sam Stones. Shot for the Fashion and Lifestyle Society Club at Western University.

CAISA Fashion Show

Shot for CAISA  at Western University.

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